Bede Dwyer at the 2010 Flight Nationals

Bede Dwyer

@ Archery Expert, Sydney, Australia

Bede Dwyer has pursued his interest in oriental archery throughout his life. As an expert in areas of historic archery, he consults on and edits historic texts (see his bibliography in his complete CV).

As well as researching the archery traditions of Asia and Africa, he has actively tested equipment and techniques. For more than a decade he has been publishing articles in the Journal of the Society of  Archer-Antiquaries on archaeological remains of archery equipment ranging from ancient repeating cross bows to mediaeval closed quivers.

Over the past few years he has regularly attended the World Traditional Archery Festival in South Korea, on occasion presenting papers at seminars there. He is planning two books on archery to be published over the next few years.

Photo courtesy of avcase chronicling the 2010 US Flight Nationals.

This Year Bede is offering the following classes

  1. The Tactical Use of Horse Archery. Describing how  horse archery was used in real combat, why it was sometimes ineffective, and changes over time.
  2. Arrows in War. Describing the types of arrowheads and arrows used in warfare, concentrating on adaptions to changing armour, different ranges used for special purposes, and effectiveness.
  3. Practical Archery focusing on archers’ rings, forms of drawing, aligning shoulders, coming to full draw, choosing the right arrows for the circumstances, and aiming and releasing.
  4. Practical Archery focusing on drawing from the quiver, shooting from unusual positions, speed of shooting and follow through.