An Introduction to Bolognese Fencing

An Introduction to Bolognese Fencing
Instructor: Richard Cullinan, Stoccata School of Defence
Weapons covered:  sword, dagger
Equipment requirements: ¬†Mask, gloves sword (34″-37″ blade length), and a dagger simulator. Fencing jacket and forearm protection recommended.
Required Experience: Beginner students

Bolognese fencing is a system built around the art of provocation, so that the fencer can hit their opponent in safety without being hit. This class will focus on the use of the single handed sword to explore the various provocations described by Manciolino and Marozzo in their treatises; and how we can use them successfully. We will also round out the class with some work with the use of the Bolognese dagger as described by Marozzo, showing how these provocation principles are universal in Bolognese fencing across all weapon